Sonic, Samus, Mario and Mega Man

March 31, 2010


There are some great new items today on the video game front that I believe you will all enjoy. First we have a great new trailer for Metroid: Other M which shows off the side scrolling action along with how the first person gameplay will flow seamlessly from the side scroll view.

In anticipation for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 4, we get our first look at full gameplay in this cam video detailing the first stage of the game. Based off of what we see this new Sonic game will take us back to what made him so good in the first place, fast speed and classic side scrolling gameplay.

Ever wonder what Mega Man and Rush would look like if they were more realistic? Well freelance artist Jason Hazelroth has taken care of showing us. For more work by Jason, check out his site here.
Mega Man Rush small
Full size pic here.

Finally, Nintendo is rumored to be debuting a new Mario Galaxy 2 trailer this afternoon, come on back to Nerd City to check it out.

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    One Response to “Sonic, Samus, Mario and Mega Man”

    1. genisay Says:

      Rush looks pretty sweet! Though not very cuddlie any more.
      My only question is, why is it that any time Mega gets Americanized, he instantly becomes an adult beef cake. That is totally unattractive, not to mention ruins his image altogether. Mega was supposed to be a boy of about 12-14, not an adult at all. Ugg. They did that in the American animated version as well. Once I considered it to be almost like a totally different universe, it wasn’t to bad. But it still pisses me off that they ruined the way he looked. What, even robots have to have six packs in order to be strong?