New Resin aK-aT Driver Figure from ITEM

March 25, 2010


Check out this amazing new release from Thinkitem, the limited edition orange resin aK-aT Driver figure! Props to our friend ITEM for releasing this, his first official figure.  This piece is a natural extension from ITEM’s other 2-D work that featured fashion photography mashed up with icons from the Star Wars universe.  You should really try to get your hands on one of these, because they’re one of the coolest resin figures that I’ve seen in quite some time.  Besides, who doesn’t love a toy that comes with an overcoat/ape accessory?

From ITEM:

My first official figure!

These resin figures which were based on my aK-aT Driver mashup character was manufactured by The Sucklord.

I had an earlier run of 12 black versions produced for my HERD exhibit. These orange follow-ups were made for distribution.

Only 10 were produced for sale.

More pics/links after the jump!

These are a super-limited run.  So, before these go the way of the TMNT poster, go grab yours here!

For all things ITEM, check out his official site here.

And for more resin goodness from Suckadelic, go to the official site here.

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