Dollop C2E2 Exclusive from Shawnimals and Nerd City!

March 24, 2010


We here at Nerd City are very proud to announce that The Dollops will be an exclusive C2E2release available only from Shawnimals at booth 824 and Nerd City at booth 865.  A few of these exclusive piles of plush goodness will also be available at Nerd City’s Official C2E2 After Party at The Double Door on Saturday the 17th!

From Shawnimals:

Shawnimals and Nerd City team up for little piles of C2E2 exclusivity
Confirming our collective suspicion that dollops need love, too
March 23, 2010 Chicago IL – As Spring arrives, thoughts of blue skies, birds singing, and
green grass take shape. Picnics with your special lady or man friend fill your head, too. It’s no
different in the world of Shawnimals, even for those who are… well, less than appealing.
One day not too long ago the folks at Shawnimals and the Nerd City boys thought, “We should
do something awesome for C2E2… together!” As synapses fired, one thing became clear: The
only exclusive that made sense was something less intellectual. Something in the form of
brown dollops.
The Dollops are the outcome of that collaboration. A limited edition series of all-new plush
dollops, handmade by Shawnimals. This series is blind-bagged and features three varieties of
dollops: Daisy Dollop, Dashing Dollop and Dasturdly Dollop. Er, we mean Dastardly Dollop.
Packaged in a little brown sack – similar to a sack lunch, or perhaps a bag of something less
savory – the 5-inch tall dollops come 1 per bag, each with a signed and numbered tag, priced
at $15 each.
Which dollop will you get? The 120 piece edition breaks down like so: Daisy is 1/3, Dashing
is 1/2, and Dastardly is 1/10.
This series will be offered exclusively at C2E2 at the Shawnimals and Nerd City booths, as
well as at the Nerd City C2E2 after party at the Double Door (more info on that event can be
found at
C2E2 dates are April 16-18, 2010 at McCormick Place. More info at

But wait, there’s more!  Be sure to stop by the Nerd City booth (again 865) on Saturday the 16th from 12:30-1:30 for the official drop of The Dollops and a signing with the Shawnimals crew!

For more details about C2E2, check out their official site here.

To get your tickets for Nerd City’s Official C2E2 After Party here.

Finally, keep up on all things Shawnimals at their official site here.

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