Nintendo Set to Release New DS Hardware

March 23, 2010


With the upcoming release of the DSi XL (due out March 28th), it is interesting that Nintendo is planning on a new DS system so soon. It makes sense I guess as the DS has been out for quite some time now and the DSi and DSi XL are just upgraded version of the DS. The new system though, dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, is set to be able to handle 3D graphics without the need of glasses. Nintendo hasn’t announced much information on the new hand held, as it is looking to do the big reveal at this years E3, but the have stated that it will be backwards compatible with all DS software that is currently available. At this years E3 we should get our first look at the design, even though I think it will stay along the same look as the current DS, along with info and hopefully demos of how the 3D will work on the system. As Kotaku pointed out, there is a Japan only DSiware game available called Rittai Kakushi e Attakoreda that uses the DSi camera to make the game appear 3D as you tilt your system. It’s quite impressive and could add some interesting elements to lets say a Mario or Zelda game.

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