Wee Epic Masterpiece Theatre and Beneath the Noise Opening 03.19 at Rotofugi

March 17, 2010


This Friday is going to be the opening of 2 more amazing shows at the Rotofugi Gallery. Travis Lampe’s Wee Epic Masterpiece Theatre and Dan May’s Beneath the Noise will share an opening reception from 7-10.  Nerd City will be there and you should too!

Artist info from Rotofugi:

Travis Lampe

Travis Lampe grew up in a small town in Kansas. After earning a degree in Graphic Design, he took a job in advertising as an art director in Chicago. While making ads for breakfast cereals and well known purveyors of inexpensive furniture over a period of several years, he secretly began “developing his illustration style,” which is not the same thing as “procrastinating.” Finally, when he felt the world was ready, he began his slow explosion onto the art and illustration scene, as it were. He currently lives and works in Chicago.

This will be Travis’ second solo exhibit at our gallery following 2007′s “Fantasy Cryland” which inspired the Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi toy series “Tear Drips by Travis Lampe.”

Dan May

Dan May was born and raised in the suburbs of Rochester, NY. He attended Syracuse University, where he received a BFA in illustration.

Dan spends his days (and nights) painting dreamlike environments that transcend space and time. These delightfully haunting images are often based in personal observations of both human’s and nature’s relationships with each other. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout the US and abroad. Dan has collaborated with numerous publications, design firms, advertising agencies and publishing houses. Some of his clients include WIRED, St. Louis Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Aspen Magazine, Village Voice Media, AOL Productions, 20th Century FOX and VIZ Media.

He has received honors from Communication Arts, Society of Illustrators LA and American Illustration. Dan lives and works in Jacksonville, FL with his beautiful and inspiring wife Kendal and their feisty bird Jax.

This exhibit will be Dan’s first at Rotofugi Gallery.

Travis Lampe’s official site is here.

Dan May’s official site is here.

The Rotofugi Gallery is located at 1955 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago.

For all of the latest on Rotofugi’s upcoming gallery events, go here.

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