Classic Star Wars Figure Portraits by Bwanna Spoons

March 12, 2010


I love the idea of portraits being painted of classic toys and action figures.  Especially if the artist doing the portraits is the awesomely talented Bwana Spoons!

From Bwana Spoons:

so i got an awesome commission to do my entire star wars figure collection and them some. I think about 120 portraits, most of which are pretty small, then the opus mcpopeus at the end with the whole pile in a pile together.

As seen above, Mr. Spoons has already tackled the classic Luke figure and Admiral Ackbar (yes, it could very well be a trap), as well as a Cloud Car Driver and Walrus Man.

To follow along with this project, be sure to check back here often, but you can also regularly check this folder from Bwana Spoons’s Flickr.

Or, check out his official home on the intertubes here.

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