Playstation Move Fully Revealed at GDC

March 11, 2010


At last years E3, we got the first announcement of Sonys version of motion control gaming.  Not much was shown outside of some tech demos and an odd looking wand with a glowing ball on top of it.  Well at this weeks game developers conference, Sony debuted the full working version of what they are calling Playstation Move.

Playstation Move

Now at first glance, most will say “Hey that looks like a black Wiimote and nunchuck” and to that I’d say you are pretty close. Sony didn’t really step too far away from their original design, perhaps hoping it would be recognizable to the Wii crowd of casual gamers. The Playstation Move controllers operate on the standard rechargeable battery that other PS3 controllers have, with one controller being your wand while the other will have a joystick and d-pad for controlling movement of a character on the screen. Instead of a sensor bar like the Wii uses, Sony will require you to have the PS3 eye camera that will track your movements on the screen. The Playstation Move will be sold by itself, bundled with the PS3 eye and even bundled with the eye and PS3 system….so there will be many options for you to purchase this new device.

Maybe it’s me, but this has really no interest to me. I like the concept and enjoy seeing technology moving along, but I play video games so I don’t have to be active. After trying Punch-Out with the wiimote and nunchuck to simulate real boxing I was bored/tired of it within a few rounds, so I don’t know how long I’d want to play a full game with this thing. All the major companies are supporting this device, so we’ll either get some high quality new games for the PS3 or we will get tons of shit games like how we see with the Wii. Tiger Woods would be the only interesting game to play on the PS3 with this new device, but that’s just me. You can read a whole lot more about this device over at Kotaku as they are actually at GDC (where were you on that one Max, why didn’t I get to go).

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