New Steregon for Kaiju Comrades 2

March 11, 2010


For me, the Steregon sculpt from Nerd One is one of the coolest Kaiju sculpts to come out in recent times.  He’s based upon a cool concept (speakers for eyes!), is in a great pose, and has pretty decent articulation for a vinyl Kaiju piece.  This particular colorway is for Mark Nagata’s Kaiju Comrades 2 show (which happens to take place at The Design Fiesta Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo this weekend!).  It’s a far more colorful version than the last one and now includes a sweet club as an accessory.

Want more info on the Kaiju Comrades 2 show?  Check out this video:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

The official Kaiju Comrades site is here.

If you’re in Tokyo April 12th-14th, you really should check out the show.  Oh, and you should probably buy this for me, too. Thanks!

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