Custom Vintage-Style Anthro Panthor by COTU

March 4, 2010


In what will hopefully be the first of a regular series of blog entries in which I highlight some of my personal favorite pieces from my collection, I have chosen to look at one of the coolest, my vintage-style MOTU anthropomorphic Panthor figure from the guys at COTU. This particular piece was primarily done by Galaxy Warrior from said collective and is fully flocked and maintains all of the articulation of a vintage MOTU figure. He also came with an additional baby Panthor cub, which is very cool. Due to very unfortunate circumstances, COTU no longer works together as an artistic collective.  They have, however, left us with an incredible body of work (like this figure!) to remember them by.

As I said before, this one-off custom is one of my personal favorite pieces in my collection. He really looks like what this figure would have looked like had Mattel made one back in the 80′s. The paint and flock apps are impeccably clean, and he’s surprisingly sturdy for a custom of this level of complexity.  All in all, it’s an amazing piece from concept to execution.

Although it’s obviously been quiet for quite some time, the COTU blog is a great resource for much of the body of their work.  Check it out here.

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