Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

March 3, 2010


Direct Link to Youtube Video

Chicago’s own Ok Go really started getting some attention after the release of their 2007 video for “Here It Goes Again”.  You remember, the one with the synchronized dancing on the treadmills?  I recall people being blown away and praising the band for doing something fresh and new.  And while that video was very cool, very entertaining, and I’m sure took a long time to choreograph, it has NOTHING on their new video, which will fucking blow your mind and make you as giddy as a schoolgirl.  It’s a 4 minute Rube Goldberg machine filmed in a one-shot, one-take method.  Not only that, but it even syncs with the song at certain points!  And just wait til the end!  I can’t imagine how many takes this took, but it was worth the payoff.  Kudos to whoever filmed it without interfering, as well.

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