Tecmo Super Bowl Remake Coming Soon

March 2, 2010


Tecmo Super Bowl Remake
Thanks to a report from Kotaku, it seems that Tecmo will be bringing an updated version of Tecmo Super Bowl to the PSN and Xbox Live networks this spring (sorry Wii owners). Tecmo released a new football game for the DS a few years back and it played just like the original and Tecmo seems to be on pace to keep the classic game play with this new release. Now the biggest change, outside of not having any real NFL teams or players, is that the game will have a 3D look to it but still similar 2D style gameplay (of course that is me going off of the screen shot), but Tecmo also says you will be able to play with the classic 2D style throughout the whole game. I can’t wait to play this now, as I still feel that Tecmo Bowl (NES), Super Tecmo Bowl (NES) and Tecmo Super Bowl (SNES) are the best football games out on the market and Madden doesn’t even compare. Where else will you see Bo Jackson run 200 yards on one play to score a touchdown and I don’t know of any other place where J.J. Birden can put up 300 yards receiving while QB Chiefs puts up 500 passing yards. So I will leave you with some classic SNES and NES gameplay to wet your appetites for this upcoming release.

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