MOTUC Tiger-Man Custom by He-Mike

February 24, 2010


I’m sure that I’ve probably written about this before, but for many of us who collected Masters of the Universe as kids, some of our most fondly remembered figures were not officially made by Mattel, but were rather from one of the many knockoff lines of the day. I can still clearly recall the being a kid and seeing the shelves of K-Mart being lined with those odd looking Warrior Beasts and Galaxy Warriors whose packaging boasted “Compatible with all 5 1/2″ action figures!”.  Interestingly enough, many of these seemingly ghetto knockoffs were actually just as well made as Mattel’s figures and are now just as highly if not even more sought after!

Many of the members of the customizing community have taken it upon themselves to bring many of those great characters from those knockoff lines to the 21st Century by creating MOTUC versions of them.  He-Mike is one such member, and he has recently posted these images of Tiger-Man, originally from the Galaxy Warriors line, to the message boards.  I love the way that, much like the Four Horsemen are doing with the MOTUC figures, he has taken the classic figure and given him an update, but kept most of the charm of the classic figure.  This even includes that slightly oversized head!

From He-Mike:

In the totally coincidental spirit of the Chinese New Year, I present:
Tiger-Man: Galaxy Warrior

At first I didn’t have any arm or leg stripes like the original figure, but after a while he looked too much like Beastman. The head is just a bit big for the hairy buck, but that’s fine with me the tiger as head on the original figure was also a bit big. I like to keep a bit of the wonkyness that made those figures so neat.

Head: Stan Winston Sabyr, MOTUC Beastman, Apoxie Sculpt
Body: MOTUC Beastman
Wrists: Vintage Galaxy Warrior
Boots: DCSH Doomsday, Apoxie Sculpt
Armor: Vintage Galaxy Warrior, 200x He-Man
Shield: Vintage Galaxy Warrior
Sword: NECA Grizzlor

More pics after the jump!

For more on this custom, check out this thread on the message boards.

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