Non-Racist Black Skinhead Panthro from Tone Tank and Scumlife

February 22, 2010


Tone Tank is at it again with another sweet resin bootleg figure.  This time, it’s a, yep you guessed it, Non-Racist Skinhead Black Panthro!

From Tone Tank:

Hello People,

Before you start asking yourself, “Yo, is Tone on some racist shit!?”, check this out, it’ll save both of us a lot of breath.

I always knew Panthro was a black man, but recently I was watching the Thundercats as a grown up and it hit me that he was a Skinhead. He has the shaved head. He has the suspenders. He is a black Skinhead.

I decided a ‘Skinhead Panthro’ needed to exist, and I wanted one for myself, so I made 24 of them out of resin and re-purposed vacuum plastic.
Get your own ‘Non-Racist, Black Skinhead Panthro’ at or go directly to the Scumlife store.
Get em’ while they last.

Oh yeah, my man Scott Thorough made some theme music for a Skinhead Panthro commercial that never got made, that song is awesome and available for free download @

If you want your very own, you had better move fast!  Head over here right now!

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    One Response to “Non-Racist Black Skinhead Panthro from Tone Tank and Scumlife”

    1. punch888 Says:

      oh my sweet jesus, those are awesome.