Saturday-Man Custom Figure by Bruno Orbit

February 17, 2010


Sometimes, re-imagining an 80′s figure in a way that is completely over the top and comedically pop art actually brings you much closer to something you would have seen on the shelves back in those days than a straight forward custom.  Such is the case with Saturday-Man, by the insanely talented Bruno Orbit.  This figure is from a line that Bruno Orbit calls “MOFU Classics” (nice!).  I feel like this has a really Grass Hut art sort of vibe to it in terms of color and design, but, at the same time looks very much like some crazy toy that could have actually existed years ago.

From Bruno Orbit:

Recent custom. Out of a capsule from a capsule toy, bootleg turtle legs, casted He-Man heads from a tiny He-Man bootleg & a good load of Apoxie Sculpt.

For more of Bruno Orbit’s work, check out his Flickr here and his deviantART here.

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