Nerd City @ Flossmoor Station.

February 17, 2010


Recently, myself and Nerd CIty beer correspondent  Bob Egan ventured out to local Illinois brewery Flossmoor Station, and it ruled.

Brewers Bryan and Richard were super cool dudes, and our bartender Annie made sure we got nice and ham-boned. For a small brewery, their output is simply unreal.¬† Their seasonal, Cupid’s Got a Brand New Bag, was fucking delicious, and their Panama Red Ale is the bomb.

Plus, they have really kickass food, including awesome pie (beer and pie:great alone, better together.) The coolest thing is that you can take the train from downtown Chicago and it drops you off right in front of the brewery. Did you hear what I just said? Right in front. Seriously. Flossmoor has also expanded their state-wide distribution, and so we should be seeing a lot more of their brews in the City.


Definitely a field trip to make when a change of scenery is necessary, you’ve got to check out Flossmoor Station brewery.

Learn all about it here.

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    One Response to “Nerd City @ Flossmoor Station.”

    1. Dr. Jose Gallimore Says:

      I went to the dentist and he told me I needed to FLOSS MOOR!

      Anyway. Keep up the good work.