Windows Mobile 6.x Finally Axed…Here Comes WP7!

February 16, 2010

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Windows Phone 7

I don’t know if you’ve used a Windows Mobile powered phone recently, or ever (lucky you!), but Microsoft looks like they might have finally gotten the memo that their mobile OS was a little behind the times.  Unfortunately they’re a little late to the party, and not the fashionably late that makes you cool and attractive.  Microsoft has been on a bit of a role here lately after the disaster that was Vista.  They have a hit with Windows 7 (despite the god-awful commercials); the ZuneHD, while not an iPod killer, is a nifty little PMP; the Surface projects have shown that Redmond has an eye on the future; and of course the Xbox 360 is still holding strong gaming wise.  But their mobile line has been horrible for almost a decade.  RIM took over their business marketshare with Crackberries and Apple destroyed them on the entertainment front.  Yesterday Microsoft finally hung the mobile 6.x series out to dry.  Then shot it.  And then used C4 to put that horrible OS to death, MythBusters style.  We’ll have to wait for Xmas ’10 for the Windows Phone 7 (and you thought the iPad was a bad name) to officially arrive, but this preview and demo unit should be a wake-up call to Apple, Google, and RIM that the dragon is stirring after a long slumber.  A lot can change in 9 months, like a name for example, but I’m predicting a hit out of this.  The design and UI is so radically different from what Microsoft has been pushing down our throats for the last 20 years that it’s actually hard to believe that it’s really from Redmond.  And unlike Apple, Microsoft already knows how to take on gaming.  The integrated Xbox 360 functionality could be HUGE depending on how it’s pulled off.  If you’re looking to buy a phone in the next year, hold off.  If you HAVE to buy one, for the love of God don’t buy anything Windows Mobile.   Here’s the demonstration video they showed off at the Mobile World Congress in Spain yesterday:

Apple has gained quite a lead from nowhere in the past 3 years, the Android guys from Google are showing a lot of promise, and Blackberry’s rule the workforce…but I’d like to think that Microsoft has been the guy just standing there in the video below.

Microsoft has taken quite a shot in the mobile department lately, but from what Windows Phone 7 looks like they’re just wiping the sweat from their brow.  Hopefully this will get Apple back into the innovative designing that brought us the iPod and iPhone and not just yearly updates to existing products.  Google’s not a direct threat in Apple’s eyes…but Microsoft?

Begun, these phone wars have….

Gizmodo Full Story here.  Hands On Video here.

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