MOTUC @ New York Toy Fair

February 15, 2010


Yesterday, at Toy Fair in New York, Mattel unveiled quite a bit of new MOTUC stuff.  Some of it was insanely exciting, some of it was, frankly, cringe-worthy (and that’s saying a lot when you’re talking MOTU!). The reveal that impressed me the most was the new Whiplash figure that they showed, complete with alt 200x-accurate head.  Additionally, Count Marzo will finally be getting his first action figure likeness, as well as a super cool new MOTUC She-Ra with both 80′s toy accurate and cartoon accurate heads.  It was also announced that Keldor will be a “bonus” quarterly figure that will essentially be an variant of Skeletor in much the same way that Battle Armor He-Man was a variant of He-Man.  A really big suprise, however, was that there will be an official release of Gygor, the giant yellow ape figure that never made it off of the drawing board of the original line.

Additionally, this sweet rotocasted giant Tytus figure will see reloease this year as another bonus figure.  The intertubes are abuzz with controversey over the fact that he’s not going to be quite as large as the vintage version of the figure.  But, what can you do?  All in all a pretty cool re-design.  Also, at Tytus’s feet, you can see pieces from what will be a bonus “Weapons Pack” that will feature additional weapons and accessories for your figures in alternate colors.

And then there’s this thing.  It was announced that one of the MOTUC exclusives for SDCC this year will be this tow pack, featuring Skeletor (with a missing tooth) and Mo-Larr, the Eternian Dentist.  Whatever.  I’m all for poking fun at MOTU, but I always felt that the Robot chicken Mo-Larr sketch was honestly pretty lame.  Here it is, in case you’ve never seen it:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Also worth noting is that Mattel unveiled a second DCUC vs. MOTUC 2 pack that will feature Skeletor vs. Lex Luthor.  The comic-style recolor of Skeletor is pretty cool, but in general, the whole thing is pretty “meh” for me.  It will, however, get MOTUC on the shelves of Toys R Us.  So, I suppose that’s cool.

All images stolen from the good people at ASM, check out all of their MOTUC Toy Fair pics here.

For all sorts of good info on yesterday’s reveals, check out this thread at

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