“Happy Saturday”

February 13, 2010


Happy Saturday Nerd City! Don’t hate the player hate the game. In 1984 Jim Koch noticed the American beer scene was missing uniquely fresh & flavorful beers that he found over in Europe. Using generations old family recipes he discovered in his parents attic he started brewing beer and created the Boston Beer Company. Some say he fired the first shot that started the craft beer revolution (see what I did there? first shot, Sam Adams, revolution). 26 years later people scoff at Sam Adams like your trying to get them to drink Nati Light. Maybe because they were the first craft brewery to have widespread accolades and success, I don’t know. What I do know is their new spring seasonal is awesome. Sam Adams Noble Pils is made with 5 hop varieties that are known as the “Noble Hops”. 4 come Germany & 1 from the Czech Republic. Out of the some 100 plus hop varieties these 5 are the best, consider them the sticky icky of the hop world. Hops contribute flavor and aroma to beer. Sam Adams Noble Pils is crisp and refreshing perfect for spring time. It’s only 5% ABV so feel free to have more then one. Some people think Sam Adams is this huge dominating beer company when in reality they have a 1% market share in the U.S. beer market. So cheers to Jim Koch for paving the way for the small guy. Till next time, Cheers!

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    One Response to ““Happy Saturday””

    1. ben Says:

      Max turned me on to this one. I really like it.