Super Mario Bros. 3 20th Anniversary

February 12, 2010


Mario 3 20years
Today marks the day we received what some consider the best, myself included, Mario Bros. game of all time. Yes 20 years ago today, Super Mario Bros. 3 was unleashed on the masses not only in stores but also in the movies with The Wizard teasing us of it’s impending arrival two months prior. To me this is still the best Super Mario Bros. game out there (sorry, Mario World on SNES is boring after you unlocked all the levels and way to easy to play through and beat) as it added so much onto the original Mario game and today is still enjoyable and somewhat challenging to play through entirely. So if you have time today or this weekend, do yourself a favor and give Super Mario Bros. 3 another play through.

Thanks to gonintendo for the heads up on this anniversary.

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