Which Baseball Game Will You Buy This Year?

February 11, 2010


Now for me it will be none as I think the last baseball game I played was the fantastic slugfest. But if you are a baseball fan, there are some great options out there. Both MLB 10 and 2K Sports Major League Baseball 2K10 are both scheduled to be released on March 2nd and both games look great. But 2K10 is offering their fans quite the incentive to buy and play their game. 2K sports will be holding a contest that will reward the first person to pitch a perfect game, by May 2nd, $1,000,000. Yeah One Million bucks if you can pitch a perfect game in 2K10 Baseball. The rules aren’t fully available on their website on what you would have to do to do this, but I assume you would have to play against the computer on a certain difficulty setting and obviously record it for proof.

Now that is a nice incentive to buy 2K10, but in the past years MLB baseball from Sony has been stepping up their game in presentation and gameplay where 2K is no longer the king of the hill as both games have been getting similar scores in reviews. Below is a new video detailing the level of effort put into making MLB10 appear as close to watching a broadcast of the game as possible. It is quite impressive the way each player has their distinct mannerisms as well as how fluid routine plays look.

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