The First Avenger: Captain America Movie News

February 8, 2010


While doing promotion for the upcoming film The Wolfman, director Joe Johnston spoke about his upcoming gig of directing The First Avenger: Captain America. As reported by CHUD, via Aintitcool, Johnston confirmed that the villain for the upcoming film will be none other than The Red Skull. This was pretty much a guarantee considering the movie takes place during WWII, but it is always nice to have 100% confirmation. On top of that new though, is that The Invaders will play a very substantial role in the film as well, being featured in “the whole second half of the film” according to Johnston. The Invaders were a group of heroes consisting of Namor, The Human Torch (the original not Johnny Storm), Toro, Bucky, Cap and many other rotating heroes. Basically they were The Avengers of that time period. What will be interesting of course is what heroes will be featured in these Invaders. If Namor is there it would be a perfect way to set up his solo film or even have him find Cap frozen in ice at the end of the movie, setting up the Avengers movie for 2012. With all this news, we should be hearing casting confirmation for Cap, Red Skull and many other characters soon as The First Avenger: Captain America is set to be released on July 22nd 2011. Red SkullInvaders

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