More Avengers Goodness

February 5, 2010


With the announcement earlier this week that Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr would be the creative team for one of the Avengers books that will be coming out after The Siege, Marvel has continued to release promo images of The Avengers by Romita. So far all the art looks great, but really JRJR can’t do wrong in my book, but what is interesting is a new teaser image by Brian Hitch that features Hawkeye. We have a Hawkeye design by JRJR so speculation still continues in regards to who will be on what teams and what creative teams will be handling each Avengers book. So speculate away, until then enjoy the great art of Romita and Hitch below.

SpiderWomanJRJR Iron Man JR HawkeyeJR Thor Hitch Avengers

All images courtesy of Newsarama.

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    One Response to “More Avengers Goodness”

    1. ben Says:

      Love love love the Romita Jr. art! I still think that “Enter the Heroic Age” logo thing looks like something from an early 90′s motivational office poster.