Custom Roton Rider by He-Mike

February 4, 2010


So, yes, this is a very cool looking custom MOTUC figure by He-Mike of the forums.  The level of qulality and attention to detail in He-Mike’s work never ceases to amaze me, and this figure is no exception. But, do you know where it’s from?

During the height of the original Masters of the Universe line, the Monogram model company made these snap together model kits based on popular vehicles from the line that were aimed at a slightly older demographic.  I never had any of these.  I do however, clearly remember standing in the toy isle and trying to figure out a. why there were new versions of some of these vehicles and b. who the heck was that guy on the box who was driving the Roton?

Obviously, like a lot of MOTU stuff from those days, the identity of the guy in the box art was never dealt with.  These days, most people just see him as a cool character design that would have made a great figure.  That’s where He-Mike and his version of this guy for the MOTUC line comes in.

His recipe for the custom was:

Head: MOTUC Faker, DCSH Azreal, Apoxie Sculpt
Cape: Modified DCSH Steel
Body: MOTUC Triklops
Boots: MOTUC Zodak, MOTUC Stratos
Staff: MOTUC Zodak

More pics after the jump.

Here’s to hoping that He-Mike tackles some of the other mysterious box art characters!

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