Calling All Nerds: Vote Jared Allen for the Madden 2011 cover.

February 4, 2010



This year EA Sports is teaming up with Doritos to allow the fans to choose who will be on the cover of next years Madden game. The three choices are Drew Brees (QB for The Saints), Reggie Wayne (WR for The Colts) and Jared Allen (DE for The Vikings). What is great about this is besides allowing the fans to choose, is that a defensive player is a voting choice. Not since Ray Lewis on Madden 05 has a defensive player (well Troy Polamalu was on the Madden 10 cover with Larry Fitzgerald) been the sole player to possibly be on the cover. What I now ask of all you nerds out there is to go to the official voting site (right here) and vote for Jared Allen. My guess is that Drew Brees will get this, but if we all work together we can do our best to get Jared Allen the cover that he rightfully deserves. Next to Scott Pollard, Jared Allen is the most interesting man in sports. So please help me and Jared out and do your part by voting. And according to Diddy, if you don’t vote you die. For more information on Jared Allen you can visit his official site.


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