Yeti Ninja from Shawnimals (Ninja of the Month Club)

February 2, 2010


So, I really like what the Shawnimals crew with pretty much all of their endeavors.  We here at Nerd City are fans of their plush, their vinyl, and even their video games.  But, I’ve got to say that there’s something about this month’s Ninja of the Month Club entry, the Yeti Ninja, that makes it a personal favorite for me.  I love the look of the fur on the base ninja design, and the little snow man side kick is also super cool.  and, you’ve got to love a yeti ninja that is comfortable enough with its emotions that it’s not afraid to let you see it cry.

From Shawnimals:

Ninja of the Month: Yeti Ninja!

We are super excited for the release of the second of 12 all-new Ninjas made for Ninja of the Month! The Yeti Ninja is a force to be reckoned with, and yet is terribly lonely. He wouldn’t admit that, of course. He needs to keep his monster cred in mind after all.

AVAILABLE Wednesday February 3rd at 1pm CST!

From the tag:
This lonely, misunderstood beast of a Ninja lives in the snowiest, most remote parts of the Feroshi Mountains, without a soul nearby. Except for his BFF snowman pal named Rawr. That he made. With his own paws. It’s a little creepy, sure, but mostly sad.

“Rawr… rawr, rawr… RAWR!”

When you order this $30 product you get…

  • A handmade 7″ × 7″ plush Ninja limited to 100 pcs.
  • Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
  • Fun accessories – His snowman sidekick named Rawr
  • A character sticker
  • A character button

You can also purchase more Ninja of the Month merchandise like stickers, buttons, a poster and more, including a full SUBSCRIPTION, right over here:

More pics after the jump.

Get your Yeti Ninja here.

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