Happy Black History Month, You Frosty Motherfuckers!

February 1, 2010


Since none of my counterparts have said anything yet (and I’m not surprised, the honky bastards), I thought I’d announce that it’s Black History month. And though the month is inundated with the birthdays of Pee-Wee Herman-looking motherfuckers like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, George Washington, and that lily-white bitch Susan B. Anthony (not to mention that cracker-ass cracker groundhog motherfucker), we’ve got to use the next 27 days to celebrate the awesomeness of our melanin sufficient friends! Pick up a book, watch a film, or skip your klan meeting in celebration of this important and under-appreciated month. ‘Til next time, you ofay, marshmallow-skinned, pancake-ass, mayonnaise-monkey, Republican-loving, creamy-cheeked, taxpaying, Frosty-the-Snow-Dicked, white devil-ass motherfuckers.

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