God of War III Receives March 16th Release Date

January 29, 2010


After many rumors of an early March to late April release, Sony has confirmed the date of March 16th for when we will get our hands on God of War III. God of War III is the most highly anticipated game for me on the PS3 this year. The previous God of War installments on the PS2 (and now available on one disc on the PS3, buy online at gamestop) were in my opinion the best games on the previous Sony system. For those not familiar, God of War is the story of Kratos who has been screwed over by Zeus and other gods, so he seeks out his revenge. You do battle in fantastic settings from ancient Greece along with fighting many monsters from Greek mythology in standard beat-em-up style gameplay. There is a demo available for God of War III on the blu-ray copy of District 9, but I would assume it will be available within the next month on the PSN. Until then enjoy the below video from E3 discussing the game and showing the full demo being played through.

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