Don’t Forget…Apple Announces Cure for Cancer Tomorrow!!

January 27, 2010

Everything, Everything Else

Apple Invite

Wait, did I say cancer?  While we still don’t exactly know what’s going down in San Francisco tomorrow, curing cancer is at the low end of the probability meter.  Several sources have spilled the beans that the much talked about, but never seen, tablet will be making it’s grand entrance to the delight of fan boys everywhere.  You’ve already read my predictions/wishes for the thing (You haven’t?  Well you better click here and get caught up, you slacker!)  The big hubub starts at 10am Pacific Time…so that’s like noon Central.  I think.  Yeah…I’m right.  Noon Central.  I’ll be following the live stream from Gizmodo (here).  They always do a great job with quick auto refreshes and plenty of pretty pictures.  They usually start when they arrive on site and have a good time with some pre-game hijinx.  If Giz isn’t to your taste (zing!), below is a list of other sites live blogging the event.  Where’s Nerd City’s live blog you ask?  Well, I thought about ripping the best info from all of these sites and saying I was there, but I’d rather just give you kind folk the goods in one long article where I get to voice some opinion.  Whether it’s the second coming of Jesus or just another Fleshlight, come back shortly after the event to get my take.

Other liveblog events for tomorrow (from sites I visit on a regular basis):

Ars Technica




9 to 5 Mac



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