“Happy Friday”

January 22, 2010


Happy Friday Nerd City! I want you guys to know I love the big beers, massive hop monsters, imperial stouts, bourbon barrel aged ales, love them more then my X-box 360. They are great to drink for all their complexities but some times a nice low alcohol beer is a nice change of pace. In Germany they call them “session beers”, meaning you can have more then one with out getting knocked out by the ABV. Session beers are best enjoyed over good conversation with friends, such as who is the best captain of the Enterprise? (Jean-Luc Picard). Bell’s released a beer this past fall called Oarsman. Bell’s using an old German brewing technique that imparts a soft tartness with a low ABV created something unique with Oarsman. Oarsman is 4% ABV and is refreshing and crisp. The tartness does not dominate the beer like a lambic, it’s in the background adding another dimension to the beer. “Oarsman grew out of a desire to explore the tradition of session beers, trading intensity for finesse while still creating a worthwhile experience for the taster” Bell’s website, currently Oarsman is only on draft but look for the bottles this spring. Till next time, Cheers!

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    4 Responses to ““Happy Friday””

    1. punch888 Says:

      i agree with you on all counts, bobby.

    2. ben Says:

      No love for Shatner?!?! For shame.

    3. bob Says:

      Jean-Luc Picard is not only a well spoken statesman but a brilliant tacticstionier & a proper father figure for Wesly Crusher

    4. punch888 Says:

      word up, bob. ben, you have no idea what you’re talking about. i’m surprised your vote isn’t for chris pine. captain’s log: stardate i’mabigfamewhore. ooooOoOOOOOoooh. and yes, i went there.