Laser Light Scareglow by David Tootheay

January 21, 2010


So this is awesome. David Tootheay, a member of the message boards, recently unveiled a project that he was working on that features a rebuilt MOTUC Scareglow that has a functioning LED light inside of it.  You’ve got to love the fact that since this guy is a night light of sorts, one of his accessories is a teddy bear. Very cool use of that Grayskull ring, too!

From David:

This custom has been my project for a long while now.
It’s been taxing at best!

I custom built a battery holder and led board to fit seemlessly into old Scarey’s chest.

Im pretty stoked on how he came out

Recipe just in case you cant tell

BODY and Head – Full paint Stripped Scare Glow
BOOTS – Modified Skeletor
CHEST PLATE – Custom Re-scuplt He-Ro armor with Grayskull ring
LED and back switch – Dave Tootheay Special Sauce
WEAPONS – Rescuplt Hordak Staff, Playmobile teddy bear

And yes, since the body is from the original MOTUC Scareglow, he holds the charge and glows in the dark after the light has been turned off.

More pics/links after the jump.

For more info on this project, check out this thread at the message boards.

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