Mini Masters Sculptures by Bryan Wong

January 20, 2010


Check out these awesome super deformed or “Chibi” style MOTU sculptures by Bryan Wong!  These pieces are 3-5 inches tall and typically have a few points of articulation.  It’s cool to see characters that already have such strong visual identities re-envisioned in an even more hyperstylized manner.  But what’s extra crazy is the fact that Bryan has made these things with Crayola Model Magic clay!

From Bryan’s deviantART page:

Bryan takes on… Masters Of The Universe! Just face it, everybody loves He-Man! Yeah you do! Seriously the 80s was an atrocious era in pop culture but He-Man saved the day. In one way or another you have probably begged, borrow or steal a MOTU action figure or watched an episode of the cartoon after school with its silly PSAs at the end! Don’t deny it. We’re all guilty. In it’s hey days MOTU was Mattel’s biggest cash cow in the boys department. It was the Pokemon of the 80s, so many characters to choose from but you can never catch ‘em all. At least I never did. So what can I say, I grew up with the franchise and it will always have a special place in this little planet of mine. To pay tribute to this “on again off again and then on again” 80s fad, I’ve decided to re-envisioned these great characters in stylized “SD Chibi-like” collectible figurines! I’ve seen countless of fanart drawings of this style and it would be just uber awesome if Mattel would do a line of mini collectibles of MOTU like Hasbro did with their Superhero Squad and such.

OK back to the Mini Masterz Unleashed! Project. All the figurines you see or about to see are all made from Crayola Model Magic. What?!!! That kiddie play doh modeling compound? Let me tell you something it’s a great modeling material that air dries, light weight and ready to paint. I’m not promoting the product here it’s just that I find it to be very user friendly for people who find regular clay messy to work with. That’s right, this is to prove that one can use inexpensive materials to make something great! Every character is sculpted from scratch, no customization work here. All figures are 3 inches in scale and poseable, with 3 points of articulation on the neck and arms. Body parts are swappable. These are just fanart pieces and are not for sale. All characters are property of Mattel. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing this little corner of my gallery. Check back soon for new figures and exhibits! Feel free to download any of the images, I won’t hunt you down just give me some credit if you’re posting it on another website. He-Man thanks you for not eating, smoking or use flash photography in the gallery!

More pics and links after the jump.

for all of Bryan Wong’s Mini Masters sculptures, check out his deviantART page here.

Thanks for the heads up, Tim!

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