On Patton Oswalt’s “My Weakness is Strong”

January 16, 2010


I recently scored a copy of Patton Oswalt‘s new comedy album “My Weakness is Strong” and it rules.

This is one of the best comedy albums I have ever heard. Seriously. In league with such modern classics as David Cross’s “Shut Up You Fucking Baby” and Todd Barry’s “Falling Off the Bone”, an older, more “mature” Oswalt is at the absolute top of his game. Dealing with issues different from earlier material, including impending fatherhood and sobriety, Oswalt strays slightly from sets past, and to great effect. Topics include weight gain, real estate orgies, the impending apocalypse, and the trouble with being a halloween costume.

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Do yourself a favor and go buy this. Right now. I’m serious.

Get it here.

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