Adora and Battle Armor He-Man Drop Today!

January 15, 2010


Mattel is launching MOTUC’s 2010 with Adora, the alter ego of She-Ra.  This is an exciting release for many reasons.  First of all, she represents the first MOTUC figure from the Princess of Power line and is identified as such by the additional icon on her packaging.  Secondly, there has never been a figure for Adora, so this is a sign of Mattel’s willingness to further expand the roster of MOTUC characters beyond those that have already been released in other forms as action figures. Thirdly, and what interests me the most, is the fact that this design is heavily derived from Adora’s Filmation cartoon appearance.  Even though this is the case, she looks like she will fit in well with the other MOTUC figures.  So, although Mattel doesn’t officially have the rights to Filmation characters like Icer, Strongarm, and Fang Man quite yet, it shows great promise for their respective figures if they ever do. Adora is included in the 2010 subscription program.

From Mattel:

It was a dark day indeed for King Randor™ and Queen Marlena when their precious newborn daughter was abducted by the evil Hordak™. Celebrate the return of the Princess of Power™ as she takes her rightful spot in your collection with the first-ever Princess Adora figure! Like all Masters of the Universe® figures, Princess Adora is fully-articulated and sculpted with amazing detail by the Four Horsemen. She comes complete with:

  • Removable holster
  • Horde Force Captain blaster
  • Sword of Protection

Princess Adora Bio

Real Name: Adora of the House of Randor (Leader in the Great Rebellion)

When Adora and her twin brother, Adam, were born, the Sorceress recognized they were the twins prophesized to wield the Power of Grayskull™. She magically cloned the Sword of He, enhancing it with the Stone of Protection so that each twin could have a key to unlock the Power. But Hordak™ also learned of the twins and arranged for his Eternian pupil, Skeletor®, to abduct the infants. Man-At-Arms® prevented Adam from being taken, but Adora was stolen away to the planet of Etheria, deep in the Dimension of Despondos. There, she was raised by Hordak™, until the day her brother returned, handing her the Sword of Protection, which she held aloft to become She-Ra™ — The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe!

Pixel Dan’s Adora Review:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Although Battle Armor He-Man is a very cool design, I was never that into the figure as a kid.  Yet, I think this incarnation looks really cool.  And, all accounts and reviews that I’ve read from people who have gotten their hands on him already have said that this is the nicest MOTUC He-Man figure, yet.  Plus, he’s going to look great on next month’s Battle Cat!  Battle Armor He-Man is a bonus figure that is not a part of the 2010 subscription program.

From Mattel:

If you were lucky enough to have one of the original He-Man® toys back in the ’80s, then you remember that cool spinning wheel in his chest that showed various states of damage. Our all-new Battle Armor® He-Man® pays homage to that beloved feature with three interchangeable armor plates, each with varying degrees of dents! Always ready for a good fight, he comes complete with his trademark battle axe.

Battle Armor® He-Man® Bio

Real Name: Adam of the House Randor

To adapt to new enemies and situations, Adam has learned to tap further into the great power that his sword unlocks. The combined Power of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Elders is called upon by Adam and channeled through the Sword of He to create new forms of armor and weapons to combat evil. His Battle Armor® was created to protect He-Man® during his early battles with Skeletor® and his evil warriors. Using the Power of Grayskull™, He-Man® — The Most Powerful Man in the Universe™, is now shielded by his mighty Battle Armor®!

Pixel Dan’s Battle Armor He-Man Review:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

Get your figures here at noon EST today!

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot that Beast Man gets a reissue today, too.  So, if you missed out on him the first time around, today’s your chance!

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