All 10 Robot Masters Revealed for Mega Man 10

January 14, 2010


Capcom has announced all 10 of the robot masters from the upcoming Mega Man 10 game. We already know about Sheep Man but now we are intorduced to the likes of Strike Man, Solar Man, Pump Man, Commando Man, Chill Man, Blade Man and my personal favorite, Nitro Man (he rides a motorcycle while you fight him)
Nitro Man
Nitro Man Battle

You can read about the full descriptions of each boss along with viewing more screenshots of each boss right here at IGN.

Now that we have our final boss list, I would like to address the new Easy mode that you can choose to play. I understand the inclusion of this mode, which will add floors to cover spikes and make enemies easier while making Mega Man stronger, as it will bring more people into playing this game. But it seems to take away the charm of the Mega Man series, and that is getting so frustrated with the game that you throw your controller or just go on a random cursing streak. Either way a Mega Man fan made a video on what he thinks Easy mode will play like….and how it defeats the purpose of a challenging Mega Man game.

Mega Man 10 will be released during the Spring for Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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