Stratos Custom by MadTinker76

January 12, 2010


Once again, MadTinker76 has taken a character from the MOTU, erm, universe, and re-envisioned him in a new and amazing way.  This interpretation maintains most of the original design elements of the character, in terms of color and shape, but really brings the idea of the flying hero into a decidedly steam punk realm.  It’s a look that not only stands on its own as a great custom, but also oddly could have fit in with the aesthetic/feel  of some of the early MOTU mini comics.

From MadTinker76:

This was one character I have been going back and forth on designs for awhile. Crisco and I talked about it more than a year ago.. I had started one and ended up scrapping it. Wanted something different, was really leaning towards a Prince Vultan/Hawkman design from the Flash Gordon comic so I gravitated to the DC Universe Hawkman.
The Head is a DC Direct Else Worlds Green Lantern.. He had those really cool goggles and that leather cap, perfect for what I wanted to do.
I tried to keep the original character’s color scheme but updating it with a metallic/ Silverhawk shine.
I used the straps and loin clothe from the 2002 Stratos figure. I inverted the colors on the loin clothe so that the feathers matched the wings.
Thought a bird-man needed some talons so, Raven Spawn donated those. The wings are from a Zoids figure I got many years ago and that had broken during one of my moves. I removed the wings from the HOM Wolverine’s flight pack and attached the folding wings from the Zoids toy.

The Wings do open and fold..When the Wings are spread the measure close to 12 inches wide from tip to tip. The main purpose of using the HOM flight pack was to use the spring loaded action feature so that the wings could tuck further behind him and then pop out.. well it worked for first dozen times and then the locking mechanism wouldn’t catch..So, I took it apart and fixed it, just to have it not catch after the next dozen times.. at that point I decided to make the wings/flight pack removable. The Wings/Flight Pack on the back are attached with a magnet and when worn, held in place by a piece that I took off of a Rocketeer bendy toys rocket pack..

More pics after the jump.

For more customized awesomeness from MadTinker76, check out his page at Figure Realm here. If you’re a GI Joe fan, you’ve got to check out his Destro!

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