Episode 72

January 4, 2010

Everything, Podcast

Think back.  Way back.  Do you remember 2009? Nerd City does, and with the help of Sean Dove, Jenny Frison, Steve Seeley, and Tim Seeley, they focus on the highlights of that crazy bygone year.  They also give you the proverbial “heads up” on why 2010 is going to be totally freaking awesome. Play this mp3 in your new space car.  The future is here and Episode 72 of Nerd City is now.

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    One Response to “Episode 72”

    1. ben Says:

      Hrm. Looks like I mislabeled this file as “Episode 73″. A thousand apologies for any confusion. It is, in fact, “Episode 72″ for those of you playing along at home.