OnLive video game service looking better

December 30, 2009



When OnLive, a service that lets you stream titles from major platforms such as xbox 360 and PS3, was announced a while back I was very skeptical.  Something about having to rely on servers and over the air streaming made me think that this wouldn’t work for video games that require quick reflexes and no lag.  Mainly FPS, Sports games, platformers and well every game out there would be horrible even with the slightest lag.  Now the CEO of OnLive has provided a 48min demo of the service and I’m actually pretty impressed with it.  What OnLive will give you is the ability to hook a device to your PC, Mac or TV that will compress the video and make the game stream perfectly over your choice of display.  All you need is their special box and a controller, you can also use mouse and keyboard for the PC titles, and you are set up and ready to go.  Watching the video makes me very interested in this service as they have a nice partnership with the majority of publishers (EA, THQ, Ubisoft, etc), but they still don’t have Activision support and of course Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will not be supporting this service.  There is no price point on the service or a launch but this is still a very intriguing service which could lead us towards the digital distribution of games sooner than some of us would like. Unfortunately there is no embeded version of this video yet, but thanks to Kotaku you can view the whole thing right here. You can also find more info about the company at

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