Horde Trooper Custom Concept by Neo

December 22, 2009


So, what makes this image particularly interesting is that it’s not an actual photograph of a custom figure, but rather a really well done mockup made in Photoshop.  The base for this concept is the NECA Snout Spout staction with a few additional modifications.  What I find really cool about this (other than the really admirable Photoshop skills) is that the ultimate goal is to use this file, along with others, to produce this custom on a 3-D printer!

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit that, although I understand the general idea of what a 3-D printer obviously means, I haven’t the slightest idea how one works.  So, here’s the wiki.

It’s generally the same principal as those personalized mini statues that you can have made of your World of Warcraft character, straight out of the game.  I’m really fascinated by this technology and very much looking forward to see how it continues to integrate itself into the world of custom figures/statues.

The design upgrades on this Trooper are particularly cool, as well. One of the unique things about the idea of the Horde Troopers is that they open the door for the potential use of a very mecha-influenced aesthetic.  Neo has no doubt employed that sensibility here, along with a dash of ED-209, if I’m not mistaken.

Watch this space for future developments on this project.

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