MOTU Art by Kiersten Essenpreis

December 17, 2009


These two awesome pieces by Brooklyn’s Kiersten Essenpreis bring to mind two things: 1. It’s nice to know that He-Man and Skeletor do regular stuff when not battling for control of the Universe and 2. I’m in serious need of a haircut.  Ok, I actually think it’s also time for me to go in for a teeth cleaning, as well.  However, while my hair may be reaching a ridiculosity of He-Manesque proportions, I’ll wager that my teeth are fairing a pinch better than Skeletor’s. Maybe not.

I digress.  These two pieces that are flash on wood and sealed in resin are for the Upcoming MOTU-themed show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles next January.

From Kiersten’s blog:

I’ve been ridiculously excited about this ever since I was invited to participate months ago..  Opening on January 8th, Gallery 1988 LA presents their 4th annual tribute show, this time honoring He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!!

Being a super-ultra-mega fan from 1983-85, followed by a brief few months in ‘86, where I thought I might actually be She-Ra, you can imagine the fun I had painting these.

This is how I envision He-Man and Skeletor spending their days off;  trimming the bowl cut and getting a root canal.. a very evil one.


For more of Kiersten’s work, check out her blog here.

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