Battle Bones by Jude Buffum

December 16, 2009


Check out this sweet giclee print from Jeff Buffum (aka “The Jude”) for that upcoming Under the Influence Masters of the Universe show at Gallery 1988 from Jan 8th to Jan 29th in Los Angeles.  I’m digging the super retro game motif of this one.  You see, kids, before all video games looked like that creepy Tom Hanks Christmas train movie, this is how many of them actually looked.  The Jude makes a really cool point with this piece about the iconic identity of these characters.

From Jude Buffum’s blog:

Shown above is my piece for Gallery 1988’s upcoming “Under the Influence: Masters of the Universe” show. Titled “Battle Bones”, it is a giclee print on canvas edition of 20, and 1/20 will come in this green hand-painted frame.
As a product of the eighties, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was a big part of my childhood, so I was super excited to be a part of this show. One thing I love about the characters is that they are so iconic and colorful that they can be reduced to very few pixels and still read.
I’ll post more once the gallery releases info about the show, but look for the opening to fall in the first week of January 2010.

For more info on all things Jude Buffum, check out his blog here.

Previews of stuff for this show are popping up all over the intertubes.  Check back here on the regular, and I’ll spotlight as many of them as I can. For the latest on the Under the Influence show, go to the official Gallery 1988 site here.

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