King Randor, The Goddess, AND Skeletor Today

December 15, 2009


These are exciting times for MOTUC collectors, and today is another big one.  At, today, we will see the release of King Randor (the subscription figure), The Goddess (the bonus figure), and Skeletor (an ever-so-slightly modified resissue).  Randor is heavily reminiscent of his 80′s Burger King-esque incarnation with just enough snazzy updates to make him a really cool addition to the line.  The Goddess is essentially a Teela recolor, however, she is cast in translucent green plastic.  The Skeletor reissue has a slightly improved left hand over the original.  So, if you didn’t get Skeletor the first time around, this is a really cool opportunity.  However, if you already have a MOTUC Skeletor, you can probably skip this one.

Here are some video reviews from our friend, Pixel Dan.

King Randor:

Direct Link to Youtube Video

The Goddess

Direct Link to Youtube Video

The Skeletor comparison shot was stolen from Action Figure Insider, read their reissue comparison review here.

Get all of your MOTUC fix here at noon EST today.

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