Custom Flocked MOTUC Beastman by Beato Bot

December 10, 2009


So, it was my first instinct to go through and write this entire piece utilizing the term “flocking” as a replacement for that other, similar sounding, present-tense fornication word.  That would have been probably hilarious.  But, what can you do?

Have you ever looked at your MOTUC Beastman and thought, “I know that they’re going to flock that Moss Man figure, but I wish that they’d decided to do the same with Beastman”?  Probably, like, every day, right? Well, Beato Bot from the forums has thought that very thing.  However, the thing that differentiates him from you and me is that he is a man of action.

I really do love the way that the custom came out. The color of flock is great, and the application is super clean and professional.  I seriously need a flocking gun (that’s the actual name of the tool, not an aforementioned hilarious wordplay joke).  I would seriously flock all sorts of stuff, but I’d probably flock Beastman first.

But, here’s good news- If you already have a flocking gun and are thinking about flocking your Beastman, but don’t want to ruin your original, Mattel has revealed that they will be re-releasing Beastman through their Mattycollector site this January.  That way, you can get second MOTUC Beastman for the sole purpose of flocking!

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