“Happy Wednesday”

December 9, 2009


Happy Wednesday, Nerd City. “The craft beer industry is 99% asshole free” -Sam Calagione. The craft beer scene is full of great characters; guys who name their breweries Rogue & Surly, name their beers Hopslam & Lil Sumpin’ Extra. People who work 18 hours a day 7 days a week because they wanted to help change the landscape of craft beer in America. Recently 2 of the biggest names, Sam Calagione & Ken Grossman, got together to make a collaboration beer. In 1980 Ken Grossman, using old dairy equipment and a soft drink bottling line, opened Sierra Nevada brewing company. A daunting task opening a craft brewery in 1980 when 3 company’s (Miller, Bud & Coors) controlled 90% of the market. In 1995, Sam Calagione opened Dogfish Head Brewery and Eats, the smallest commercial brewery in America (at the time), with each batch yielding only 12 gallons of beer. In the beginning, Sam Calagione would brew 3 batches of beer a day 7 days a week just to keep up with the demand at the brew pub. When he was not making beer he slept on a mattress in the basement of the brew pub. Today both men are at the top of craft beer scene, Sam Calagione a young maverick and Ken Grossman one of the founding fathers of the American craft beer. Their passion for craft beer brought them together to brew a beer called Life & Limb. Life & Limb defies styles, it was brewed with syrup from Sam Calagione’s father’s farm and estate barley grown at the Sierra Nevada brewery. The idea was to brew a strong ale that could age over time. A beer that Sam & Ken could share with their children when they reach the proper drinking age. Certain styles of beer age well, Barley wines and Imperial stouts are perfect for aging. These beers are well suited for aging because they are higher in ABV and darker. Keep an eye out for Life & Limb at you local liquor stores and bars and if you can buy a bottle and keep it in cool and dry place then save it for a special occasion. Till next time, Cheers!

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    One Response to ““Happy Wednesday””

    1. ben Says:

      Very cool. Going to have to check this out.