PS3 3.15 update coming next week

December 8, 2009


PS3 Mini play
The latest PS3 update scheduled for next week is offering a nice incentive to PSP and PSPgo owners. Next weeks update will allow you to stream/play you PSP mini games directly through your PS3 onto your TV. The minis collection is small games like bejeweled and others along the same lines, but the best part is you will not have to have any cables hooked to your PS3 or TV to stream these games as it is all wireless.

PS3 Data Transfer
The next big part of the update is that you will be able to transfer files from on PS3 to another by using a LAN cable. In the past you would have to either swap HDDs or back up everything then load it to a PC followed by loading the save files onto the new PS3. This will be quite handy for those who are looking to upgrade to the new PS3 slim systems this year.

Thanks to Kotaku for the pictures.

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