Mark Millar and Steve McNivens Nemesis

December 8, 2009



Revealed last week on, Mark Millar talked about his new book with long time collaborator Steve McNiven (Civil War and Old Man Logan). This new book, which will be distributed by Marvel through their Icon imprint, will tell the story of a billionaire playboy who decides it would be more fun to control the city he lives in then protect it from evil. As Millar puts it “What if Batman was a total cunt?” What will be great about this series, besides the art and writing, is that since it is being published through the Icon imprint Millar will have free reign to write and say whatever he wants without restrictions. With no limitations I’m pretty sure Millar and McNiven will have a sure fire hit on their hands, much like Millar and Romitas Kick-Ass (which was also through Marvels Icon imprint) The book will be launched next year and priced at only $2.99 (this is according to Mark Millar himself) so there is no reason for you not to buy this book. For more information check out CBR for their full interview with Millar and McNiven including additional art-work from the first issue right here.

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