Custom MOTUC Horde Trooper by Faceless One

December 7, 2009


Check out this sweet custom MOTUC Horde Trooper from member, Faceless One.  I seriously can’t wait to see what the actual MOTUC Horde Trooper from Mattel will look like.  Probably quite a bit like this one!

From Faceless One:

After two weeks of hard work, here is the result. It’s the first time I make a MOTUC custom with blister.

The base figure was a Zodac, with lots of sculpting. He has two heads, a normal one and another like in the failed eternian invasion seen in the filmation cartoon. The weapon is built from scratch, and is the filmation one. Hope you like him, he will be soon on eBay.

More pics after the jump.

For more customs from Faceless One, check out his page at Figure Relam here.

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