Vintage Graffiti-Style Customs by HexEvo

December 3, 2009


It’s fascinating to see the idea of custom action figures taken into the abstractly artistic realm.  This sort of pursuit has become a bit more common in the customization of designer vinyl pieces, but, in truth, what better to use as a canvas for expression than the toys of your youth?

HexEvo in an insanely talented customizer.  You probably know him better as Galaxy Warrior of COTU fame.  Suffice to say, if you’re not familiar with the work of HexEvo/Galaxy Warrior or COTU, it’s certainly something that you should check out.

For these particular customs, he’s chosen to go with a greffiti-inspired motif that utilizes the entirity of the figures as a canvas.  Therefore, not only the base figure and designs contribute to the theme of the given piece, but so do the text.  The Stratos piece is entitled “What Dreams May Come” and the Blaster is entitled “Beat of my Heart”.  They deal with the themes of “dreaming beyond the clouds” and “being in love with the beat of one’s heart”, respectively.

Lots more pics after the jump.

Keep up with HexEvo on twitter here.

Check out his stuff with COTU here.

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