“Happy Wednesday”

December 1, 2009


Happy Wednesday Nerd City. Not all mistakes are bad, example; Penicillin was a mistake and now it helps me with the one thing left from my trip to mexico, while trying to find a cheap substitute for rubber during WWII a scientist invented silly putty took them another 20 years to market it and in 1998 Lagunitas Brewing made Brown Shugga. While making a batch of Gnarlywine the yeast didn’t take so the beer failed to ferment. They were going to dump it and try again but some one thought lets add some sugar to kick start the fermentation. They added copious amounts of brown sugar, the more sugar a beer has in it before fermentation the higher alcohol the beer will be after fermentation. To dumb down the science of it, yeast loves eating sugar and pooping out alcohol. Brown Shugga has a 9.5% ABV. Lagunitas makes some great beers that break the mold when it comes to styles. The owner Tony Magee is a proper Chicago native and all around cool guy that is super excited to have his beers pouring in bars all over his home town Chicago. Lagunitas beers never fail to impress and are always pushing the envolope. Till next time, Cheers!

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