Ebon Horn FTW!

November 30, 2009


The votes are in and Ebon Horn (Rhino Beetle) is the winner of Gatchagrey and Royalt1us’s Bug-Shido staction contest.  The characters were all original creations from Gatchagrey’s amazing Bug-Shido universe. The winning character, Ebon Horn will now be made into resin mini statue by the amazingly talented Royalt1us. The details of exactly how the statue will be done are, as of yet, unclear, but I’m hoping that this character will be sculpted in the 6″-8″ range, so that he can be displayed along side all of Royalt1us’s other creations.

Discussion over how this “staction” figure should be made are all taking place in this thread at The Four Horsemen’s Fantastic Forums.

For a whole bunch of kickass Bug-Shido art/ characters, check out the official deviantART page here.

And, to check out the awesomeness that Royalt1us is capable of, check out his online store here.

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