Vintage-Style MOTU Customs by Galaxy Warrior

November 21, 2009


When it comes to vintage-style MOTU customs, Galaxy Warrior is the the best. For years, now, he’s been setting the standard of quality and creativity in that particular arena, whether it be his own innovative ideas or the work that he did as one of the masterminds behind the groundbreaking COTU artistic collective.  He still continues to push things forward with his recent creations, the Cosmic Enforcers Zodak and Xenoz, and the heroic Eternian Yeti, Snowguard.  This Zodak is particularly cool  because of the sweet removable helmet, He-Ro based boots, and the custom staff.  I’m told that Zodak’s trademark tattoos will soon be added.

There’s something so cool about the color choice/paint pattern on Xenoz that is so bright and cleanly done that it looks like something that Mattel should have done back in the 80′s.  His use of the Tung Lashor arms and legs really evokes the alien/space imagery of the Cosmic Enforcers.

You’ve got to love Snowguard’s color scheme, the way that the blue “pops” against the white flocking.  Plus, it’s really cool how the flocking came out looking a bit longer than Mossman.

For more of Galaxy Warrior’s work, head over to the “customs” area of the message boards.

Also, check out all of his work with COTU at their blog here.

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